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Plans for bowfishing deck

  • jeweler
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    Alright boys, lets see some pictures of your bowfishing boats and decks. I am thinking of building one and just was wondering what ideas you had, what you liked, what you would do differently, height off of the water, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Here is an older pic of my boat when I bought it. I replaced the halogens with HPS lights and now have a Minnekota 101 troller. It sits 14 inches up in height.

    Phoenix, AZ, formerly from the NW 'Burbs, Minneapolis, MN, USA
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    Wow! Looks like some sort of military device!

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    Went out with a buddy last week and seen what worked and what didnt! the next day I built this thing after work! Was a late night but got her done!

    made a trip out with her last night and worked better than anticipated! even hit a few!

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