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2 Lodge Recomendations

  • Bergy21
    Posts: 8

    Looking for 2 Lodge/Camp recommendations for Spring/Summer of 2022.

    First Place – looking for a drive to place in Manitoba or Ontario that would have on the nicer side for accommodations. Family trip. Would like to possibly hire a guide for a day. Would be open to American Plan or Housekeeping with good cooking facilities/kitchens. Mainly want to target Walleye and Smallmouth Bass. Will probably bring our bogat so want good docks which are protected.

    Second Place – looking for something in Ontario within a hour or two of the border for a guys trip. Decent accommodations with bathrooms and kitchen so we can cook on our own. Mainly target Walleye. Want something with decent docks and protected since we like to keep our boats nice.

    Thanks in advance for any new recommendations.

    International Falls a few miles from Rainy Lake
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    1- Tomahawk Resort Whitefish Bay Lake of the Woods.

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