Sharing GPS puck on Birds

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    Looking to share the puck on my 998 and 787. Can I do this without linking the units together. Can I simply run a splitter similar to using 2 transducers and then run a wire to each NEMA port on the units? Or would I be better of having each one on their own puck if my 998 puck is in the back of the boat over the ducer? Not too worried about sharing waypoints as I just transfer between the two with an SD card.

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    I think all you have to do is get a network cable and hook both units together as long as the puck is plugged into one unit. The puck should now be an option on your second unit as well as they are now networked to share and display data. I run 2 units networked but run a gps puck at each unit. Just depends on your style of fishing if you want 2.

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    I don’t see the 787 listed on HB’s website? Is that the correct model #? Not sure if it has networking capabilities?

    I have one ethernet cable run up front to connect my 858 to my 998 if I run it up front and I have the 2 footer for when I run them both at the console. The HB cables aren’t cheap but they sure make it easy.

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    Its a 787c2i. I originally had it mounted at the console until I purchased my 998. Its internal antenna wasn’t as accurate as I like so I have a 16 channel antenna that I purchased. And I obviosly got a 50 channel w/the 998. I want to mount the 16 channel on my other (14 ft) boat but wanted to make sure I could share the 50 channel first. Or was wondering how many guys run an antenna for each unit.
    I know the 787 is not ether capable so that rules that out.

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