Someone Has to Do It: Ice Predictions

  • CaptainMusky
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    Making ice now but the wind is doing no favors. It was single digits here this morning and 9 when I checked just now so not sure how low it really was, but dang cold.

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    I was planning on fishing Sunday. Checked the ice Saturday and it 2.5 to 3 inches. I think it would have been fine but decided not to push it. It is single digits this morning so I am sure it is good to go now. I’ll be out this coming weekend after processing a bunch of game on Friday and Saturday. Tentatively planning on heading to Red on the 8th.

    Isle, MN
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    Mille lacs is froze out to about 60 yards on the north end… Garrison bay looked about half frozen.

    Woodbury, Mn
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    I walked out a few feet on a couple lakes this past weekend. I have no doubt I could ice fish by my cabin in NW Wis this coming weekend if I chose. Unfortunately I cannot make it up the next two weekends so it looks like I miss out on first ice this year.

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