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  • riverruns
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    I recently got a new cell phone. I’ve tried numerous times to sign in under both my user name and my email address. I get sent a new password to my email if I use my email or my user name. When I try to use my new password it wants to log me in under another user name that is not me. I’m logged in my home computer so I’m still able to access this site. Any help with this issue? Thanks

    Denny O
    Central IOWA
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    WOW seems that was short a lived emergency!

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    Actually anything I respond to is off my home computer right now because that is still signed in. I figure if I signoff on my home computer I will not be able to log in on either my phone or home computer. The problem is still there with trying to sign in on my phone.

    Rush City MN
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    Where did you bu your phone? From a cell phone provider? If so call or visit them, they should be able to help.

    Brian Klawitter
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    Clear your cashe.
    Make sure you are using the correct user name.
    After that I’m clueless.


    Dave Lozier
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    The site allows multiple logins under the same account regardless of the device being used. If you reset your password it will invalidate your other login sessions. This sounds like part of he issue you are seeing.

    When you’re ready I can reset your password. You’ll then need to login into the site with both devices using the same username/password.

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    Dave go ahead and reset my password. I will try it again. If it doesn’t work then my home computer will not be on the site either. Then what? I cannot contact this site for the help then.

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    I’m good to go. All works now. waytogo

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