Panfish Time!

  • Deron Eilertson
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    March is my favorite month for ice fishing. The fish are typically cooperative and the weather is warmer! It almost seems like by the time we get to this time of year all the buzz about ice fishing is gone… The larger retailers have changed their merchandising to spring and summer already. The Boat Show and other Sport Shows are upon us. If I didn’t know better I would be thinking it’s open water time! Don’t give up on ice fishing just yet. The largest crappies and bluegills seem to come in March and April…for me anyway. Please practice catch and release and use restraint on how often you hit some lakes. That said, I have been finding fish on a number of different lakes. Crappies have been deep for the most part, but I am getting some very nice crappies mixed in with schools of gills from time to time. Most of my fishing has been in 9 to 13 feet, but I have looked deeper for crappies on some lakes. The good Olde fashioned “ant” has been a ‘gill getter for me when tipped with a waxworm. Even with an arsenal of tungsten and plastics sometimes the classic bait still rules the day. There are a ton of lakes within 30 miles of my backyard and I have a lot more to check before the ice is gone! Headed to a much more remote lake tomorrow for the first time in a year in search of Monster Slabs. Hope to have more pics to share.


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