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Deron Eilertson

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Professional Fisherman and Full Time Guide


Rainy Lake


I began guiding on Rainy Lake on a full time basis in 2011.  Paradise Outfitters Inc. is the name of the business but I have been nick named DoRight…so I pretty much go with Deron DoRight these days…  My son Matt also guides for Paradise Outfitters and I work closely with a number of other guides.  I can arrange guide trips on Rainy Lake, Leech, Cass, Winnie, and a ton of other lakes from Grand Rapids to Bemidji and Park Rapids.  For walleyes I will go where the peak bite is happening; for example in the fall of the year I may spend time on waters other than Rainy Lake.  During early spring I may be on Leech or Winnie.  During July and August it will be back on Rainy.  Guided trips are available for walleye, monster pike and musky, smallmouth, crappie, bluegill, and even largemouth bass on certain bodies of water.  Lodging can be arranged for you.   Contact me at