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NEED ADVICE – Aug/Sep camping/fishing trip

  • Taylor Pyke
    Posts: 2

    Due to the Canada border possibly remaining closed for some time, we are looking for a place in Minnesota for late August/early September. We like to fish for smallmouth and walleyes. We would like to find a secluded camping/fishing spot along Echo Trail between Ely and Crane Lake. All suggestions would be appreciated.

    Kevin Yopp
    Posts: 182

    Big Lake is a Great Lake for walleye and smallies .. it has a couple resorts that account for a few boats on the lake each day, but it’s a large lake and you can always find some seclusion. there are some nice forest service campsites around the lake with fire rings, etc.

    It’s half way up the echo trail from Ely. September is a great time to be up there.

    Cloquet, MN
    Posts: 530

    Head up EP 16 (moose river north). Into the BWCA and head to Iron lake. Good walleye and smallie fishing with lots of options on the way in and out.

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