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    So I have been working on a secluded area to make a 1/2-3/4 acre food plot and I am struggling. Long story short, the area I am trying to plant is not accessible for equipment. It is tall grass between chest and waist high. I sprayed it 3 saturdays ago, then checked it this last saturday and due to so much rain I couldn’t get any of it to burn. At the same time I sprayed most of the area again to ensure it dies. I guess what I am trying to get at is how late can you plant brassica type plants? I am in SW Iowa. I was hoping to get the area weedeated and burnt this weekend but they’re talking more rain saturday.

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    You have more time where you are located I would say by 2nd weekend of August. We are planting over the next couple weekends here in southern MN and north of metro area for our barassica plots.

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    The farther South you are, the later you can plant.

    I know Grouse planted his approx. 1st week of July in Central/North MN. I’m in SE MN and planted mine July 22nd which is early for me but wanted to get it in before some rain that was predicted.

    You have some time but I wouldn’t wait past this coming weekend.

    I would throw the seed down and let the dead or dying weeds cover it. Hopefully with waist high weeds it’s not too thick. Depends on how thick it is. Sounds like you can’t burn it first so that’s about your only choice.

    I had 1 plot with knee high weeds I sprayed, waited a couple hours and planted last weekend. The weeds covering it will keep it moist and they’ll grow right through it.

    Good luck!

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