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    I’m going to be in Chicago from the 21st-24th and have one day that I would love to take the kids out fishing on Lake Michigan. The problem is, I don’t have any clue what to look for in a guide or “charter” there. I’ve never fished for salmon or trout on big water like that? Any suggestions from anyone on where to look or who to look for?
    I found this website
    that has all of the guides but who’s good and who’s not?
    Is it even worth trying to find a guide for walleye fishing on this lake?

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    Give John ( Rocky )Mannerino a call. He might be able to help you out.

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    I second that on calling Johnny boy he is a good stick.

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    I’m really curious about the salmon & trout fishing is? Is it any fun or do you fish with pool sticks?

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    Lots of fun! For some fish a pool stick wouldn’t matter.

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    google batalion 1 charters out of waukegan. owned by 2 firefigher/e.m.t.s who are also your captains. 39 footer decked to the hilt, very safe for children and very knowlegeable captains. tell Bob menomonie-mike sent you. good luck fishing the “BIG POND”

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