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    I just looked.

    The RTIC lighter 52 quart is $179, and the Lifetime 55 quart that’s a little heavier is $159. The Yeti 45 which is a little smaller is $325.

    Can actually get the lifetime 55 in 2 of the 3 colors for $119 on

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    I got a 55 last fall but haven’t used it yet this summer. The main thing I like about them are the latches. The rubber t-handle ones on the rotomolds are not wife and kid-friendly, which means they are likely to leave the cooler unlatched, and thereby eliminating the entire reason you got the fancy cooler in the first place — because they keep food cold better than cheapos.

    American made is another benefit. A guy can drive themselves made researching coolers to determine which keeps food colder. The good thing is that here in MN, it doesn’t matter as much to someone overlanding in Arizona. And going by reviews of others is meaningless since there are so many variables that go into keeping food cold beyond the cooler you put it in.

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