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  • Dutchboy
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    Long, long time since I’ve looked for a car. 2014 Ford Fusion 81,000 miles seller is asking $10,500

    Are there any known issues to be aware of? Any of the mechanics here have any insight on these?

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    I had this exact vehicle for about 5 years, it was my wife’s daily driver. It had the tan colored leather interior that I much prefer over black. We had an extended warranty on it and never had to use it, sold it when it reached 97k miles. Mileage was good, traction was good, and it was a reliable vehicle.

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    My sister has one she bought new, been a pretty trouble free car. Similar year, way more miles.

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    I bought my daughter a 2015 with 55,000 miles in about 2018. It’s been trouble free. It seems like there’s a lots of recalls on it though. I’d guess 5-6. I think I paid about $12000 for it. It’s loaded with all the bells and whistles at the time.

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    Not a bad car at all, but for that $$ I would go to a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry. I always tell people I like a car or truck that is just as good for the 2nd and 3rd 100K miles as they were for the guy who put the first 100K on. Hard to find a non Honda/Toyota with 200K on it and still look and drive like it did with 50K.

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    We looked at buying one. Actually did. Had it for a couple weeks and it had tranny issues. Dealership took it back and bought a used Camry instead. After the issue, I googled it and 2012 -2014 Fusions have know transmission problems. Glad you guys haven’t had any issues.

    John Rasmussen
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    Dutch they did have some trany issues but not all of them. I will agree if you could find a honda or toyota for even a couple more stacks I would go that route. Otherwise go for it, I would be curious if the trany fluid had been serviced. Overall not a bad car. Have a pre purchase inspection done. If I am close enough, would be happy to do it for you.

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    We had a 2015 for a while for my wife to solely run to Rochester and back when she was taking extra shifts in the hospital there to keep miles off her new Jeep. It worked out fine for what she needed, but ultimately decided to sell it when offered a little more than we paid. She then decided to put the extra miles on her new Jeep and not worry about it.

    From what I remember it was good on gas, with no issues. I think in the 2 years we had it we did oil, tire rotation, and maybe brake pads. She only put 12k or so on it in 2 years as her extra vehicle. I do remember the back seat being a “no-go” if you had kids in a car seat or ever wanted to take 3 people somewhere.

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    When I worked at a FORD dealer briefly on Maui… there were lots of Fusion Transmission issues. MOST of them were for low fluid, because of a common leak. If you maintain fluid levels and repair the leak, your probably ok.

    Harris, Somewhere in VNP
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    I agree with John R. Overall they’re pretty good cars. Maybe not in the same league as a Toyota or Honda but still better than most. A third party inspection is smart. I could look at it for you any day next week.

    Matt Swanson
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    I had a 2010 Mercury Milan for ten years. The Milan is on the same platform as the Fusion with Mercury badging. It was a reliable car. Mine was the 2.5L 4 cylinder with an automatic. I sold it at 140k miles, and bought a truck. The only larger repairs I had done to it were a transmission fluid leak, and the power steering rack and pinion. The other thing I would look for is rust on the rocker panels. The rockers on my car started rusting out from the inside. This is a common problem on Fusions.

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    My wife has a 2015 that has been pretty solid so far, she just turned 150K miles on it the other day. The biggest complaint about it is changing the headlights -huge pain and expensive if you take it in to do it

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    2012 Toyota Camry same mileage $10,995
    2014 Camry LE 34,000 miles $13k
    just a few I found on in St paul

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    Stay away if it’s an all wheel drive.

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