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    I use braid to tiny spro swivel to flouro leader on 90% of my ice setups. The flouro I’ve been using is the Seagur IceX. It has worked well but am wondering if they make it in more than 8lb? Also, what do others use for flouro leader and how do you like it?

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    I used to run ASSO lines, but they’ve sort of became nonexistent in supply so I haven’t tried to source anymore. I still have left over Gamma Touch and Gamma ESP ice fluoro from years ago, so rarely do I actually use some of them. Most of what I’ve used has been from 2# to 5# listed strength only.

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    If your talking actual leader material Seaguar Blue Label is the stuff I use it comes in all kinds of tests. If I am not fishing Pike I use Pline it is way more price friendly and works great for anything but pike.

    I run 6-12 pound depending on water clarity and what I can get away with.

    On leader for walleye and panfish I rarely go over 6 pound when I am using jig rod. On set lines if water clarity is not good and I don’t worry about fish seeing line I will use 12 pound Pline on tip ups for walleye.

    I bought the blue label for Pike as an alternative to braid or steel leaders but I don’t pike fish much.

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    The saegur blue leader material gets too stiff for my liking. I’m going to keep using the seagur IceX in 8lb for walleye setups and 4lb for panfish rigs.

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