Walleye Report 7-8

  • loren_keizer
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    Well I made it out for a couple hours again last night to pull some spinners and crawlers out on an area lake. I had my son Lucas with me again, as we had picked up a new rod for him on Saturday. The Lightning McQueen rod just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

    We fished depths from 20-26 fow and caught a mixed bag of walleyes and northerns. Lucas enjoyed watching a few of the northerns dart out of the water when we got them close to the boat. ( I can still hear him laughing! )

    Ended up catching a half dozen walleyes, with the 18-1/2″ in the picture being the largest. We did lose another eye, that looked similar in size right along the boat earlier in the evening.

    A gold blade or a gold patterned blade, I was using the Fire Belly from Jolly Roger, worked best. We were trolling anywhere from 1 – 1.3 mph and getting strikes.

    Joel Nelson
    Southeast MN
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    Nice work Loren, he looks like a happy little-man! Good to see the spinner bite continue well for you up there. Pulled spinners a bit this weekend, but ended up spending more time with the family panfishing and going after smallies. Thanks for sharing!


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