Can’t stand Queen

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    Kaxe is great-Big fan of radio.

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    I’m gonna have to go with big_g’s recommendation and try the Amazon music thing since we have Prime and I was unaware of that.

    And thanks to Jimmy and Coletrain I’m gonna check out that 89.9 out of Rochester.

    As far as talk radio, I listen almost exclusively to podcasts while driving. Back in my army days I got a ride from someone one day and he had some talk stuff on the radio and I don’t know if I had ever encountered someone in real life that actually listened to talk radio. He told me that when he was an army recruiter he spent so much time on the road that he just could not listen to music anymore. When I got back home to MN I tried that out listening to KFAN more and now I totally understand what he was saying. If you listen to a podcast you like I think it engages your mind more and entertains you while you drive compared to listening to whatever music a radio station decides to play.

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    I’m done with most the 50 year old music. Just sick to death of those old studio recordings. I don’t mind new interpretations of old songs. Most people I think prefer hearing songs they know. But, I prefer songs I’ve never heard before or haven’t heard in 30 years.

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    That’s going to happen any time you only listen to the radio. Throw in some CDs or a Queen channel on a streaming app. They have so many songs that are better than the 3 they play on the radio. That goes for any band really.

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    AK is that 105.5 FM? I like that station too. Usually pick it up around BSL on the way up to the lake.

    91.7 in Grand Rapids, 90.5 in Bemidji. You can basically pick up KAXE from Brainerd to the border.

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    Steve Root – we just had that same epiphany on the way home form Bemidji a couple months ago!
    Used to listen to KQ but it IS the same stuff over and over. Apparently Zep only have 3 songs, Queen’s only got 3 or 4 and so on.
    Back in the day it used to be album rock.
    Pretty much only Spotify now – problem with that is that, over a 1,000 songs and the “random seems to be anything but random.
    Tried talk radio on my commutes home from Mankato to Eagan for a while. Got me way too angry so I stopped that.
    Oh well.

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