Best Fish house for a Short Bed Truck?

  • Ripjiggen
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    My buddy bought a new Chevy pickup with the 5’10” box, and is looking to get a fish house for ice fishing with his son this winter. My understanding is most flip overs don’t fit in that bed. What would you recommend? Hub?

    Wrong question as you can make most fit. How old is his kid. What style of fishing does he do?

    I prefer my hub when I bring the kid with as he is only six and doesn’t move a ton. He is good for about 1 maybe two moves.

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    My standard answer is always get the lightest one you can find if pulling out by hand. Even if put on a smitty sled, the otters are a beast and not fun to manhandle. And rightly so as their strong and heavy tubs were designed to be flopping around behind a ATV or sled.

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