Lake of the Woods ice conditions?

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    I’m planning on heading up to Lake of the Woods this weekend. I’ve never been up there but I’m going with my cousin who has been up there a few times. He says there is practically no nite bite, have you all found the same thing? Also, we are planning on taking my permanant house up there, hows the ice looking? Will we be able to drive our truck out there?

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    There IS a night bite up there – just not for walleyes…… like ‘pout?


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    Just spoke with my Dad who is on his way back from there.He said about 12in. of ice.They caught 21 fish with 3 guys in 1-1/2 days out of a rental.Someone else can probably provide more info.

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    Not sure on the ice conditions, gotta be close to vehicle traffic if it isn’t already?? As far as the night bite goes, don’t bother! The best bite is daylight hours. Once the sun starts setting you’ll see the bite tail off, once that starts pack up and go sit in the tavern. The days/nights I’ve done a sleeper up there I think we caught 1 or 2 walleyes on the rattle wheels, pretty desolate, but the pout, that’s a different story!


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    I don’t know about Lake of the Woods but on Eagle Lake the best bite I see is the last hour of the day right befor dark. Onse its dark it’s over.

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    Hello from Wigwam…

    We haven’t had any full size vehicles out there yet and probably won’t this week…We got some mild weather.

    The ice we have is fine but if you are going out through Four Mile Bay ask about the crack before you do…

    We have had some trouble with it this year..

    BTW the fishing is great

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    Heck Yea !! There is one heck of a nite bite at the Wigwam !!

    I believe the last time I was up there the Capt’n took a good bithe out of me

    Wigwam Resort Nite Life ROCKS !!!

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    Went out to zippel bay thurs. 24fow got a nice limt with a nice 24. Cant take trucks out yet. they are transporting. Or you can use cats or whelers. fishing has been best mornings or right before sun down. its been cool at night so ice is coming we have aroud 9 to 12 inches. The river has a nice bite right before sun down. good luck all,and check with resorts before venturing out on unfimluar ice.

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