strikemaster mag 2000

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    I’m looking into augers for the first time and wondering if anyone has used the Strikemaster Magnum 2000 with the 2 hp motor and 8″ blade. Good/Bad, pros/cons, reliable, etc…
    Gander Mountain has them on sale. I’m not into drilling a ton of holes, basically going out with my Dad and the family and punching 10-15 holes once a week during ice season.

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    That auger would be perfect for you then. I had an older magnum and absolutely loved the thing and I’ve heard nothing bad about strikemaster.

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    This particular auger will do you just fine. As I have owned several of this exact same model.

    It is light weight, cuts rather quickly and starts good.

    Use premium gas and keep the cover on at all times, when not in use.

    Good Luck Fishing,

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    I have had a Mag 2000 since ’98 and it’s still goin…starts 3-4 pulls every time. Only thing I’ve done is change blades, plug and the fuel pump 2 yrs ago…run premium in it and yer good to go. Don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it…

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    I have one also…works for me

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    I bought one a few years back from a guy on craigslist who told me it wouldn’t run. I bargained him down to $75 since it “didn’t work.” Turns out he never flushed the fuel line before it sat in the garage for a year. I ran some warm water through it when I got home, filled it back up and it’s started right up ever since. These things are great and easy to carry around. I highly recommend them.

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    I also bought one of the older models from a pawn shop for 75.00. I put a carb kit into it and drain and run out the gas at the end of the season and have never had a problem since. I like the durability of the chipper blades over the lazer blades. Usually starts on 3 pulls 2 full choke, 1 1/2 choke and I’m running.

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    I like the older atrikemasters better because of the metal handlebars.
    Had a newer mag 2000 and broke them cheap azz plastic ones twice in the cold from being dropped.
    Just my .02 cents

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    I had the one with the metal handles and I’d buy another for the right price. The only thing I did was wrap them in hockey tape cause that thing was so torquey it would rip the handles out of your hands if you weren’t careful. Had a few bruised knees from that. Either way about it though dropping it would have messed something up.

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    I wish I went with the chipper blades,vs the lazer.You really have to watch where you drill with lazer blades.Windblown sand on river ice can do them in quickly.

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    I baught one last year , itworks great for me. Plenty of speed and light weight .

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    Strikemaster mag 2000 is a great auger ! any strikemaster is ! but i agree for what you need it for the mag 2000 is perfect

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    I’ve had the same Strikemaster since the late ’90s and still works good. Not as quick as drilling a hole as the new ones I see, but works for me. Since it is older I try to start it every couple months in the off-season so I know she is ready to go come winter.

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