Artic Spurs Ice Cleats

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    I spoke over the phone with the maker of Artic Spurs ice cleats, they will no longer be made because their press for stamping the cleats is broke and too expensive to repair.
    But the good news is he still has the green rubber tubing strap replacements left in stock. He’s selling what he has left for $7.50 per pair.
    Here’s his phone number 1-(517)-896-3041 ask for Ken.
    I hope this helps anyone looking for replacement tubing.

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    thank you! some one made a foot and a half hole and i lost my left spur in it and all most me to and i have been looking for them for weeks i called him and he had one my world is a lot brighter now thank yoouu!!!!!!!

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    just got my left one and a pair and 2 sets of straps today i call him and he hooked me up

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    I have a pair very similar to those made by Eagle Claw. They work ok and do not cost much at all.

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