Female gundog names!!!

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    Alright boys i need some help picking a Gundog name for a female lab and try to think of urself commanding the dog around ur buddies in the blind or field!!! Let me see some

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    What kind of hunting do you do? My yellow labs have been Sage and Morgan. Not really “gundog names”, but I like them. I always liked Deeke also.

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    Avery would be a good name for a dog.

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    My female dog is named Kassie. It took me and my wife six weeks to agree on a name.

    Just remember the dog does not care what her name is.

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    My female yellow labs name is Sierra.

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    My wife has always named our female yellow Labs. We’ve had Maggie, Emma, and now the Queen of them all, Winnie.

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    Chelsey…. Nala….Hope….Coco….Dixie….Mystic….

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    My labs are sammy and cookie

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    Growing up I had a Sarge, and Jazz btw, Sarge was not nice!

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    Best dog i ever had was named abby

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    Hyka,Hadji were my two setters 20 yrs ago.Have always kept my dogs names to two syllables.Was told this by an old man 40 yrs ago that had “Gentalmens” bird dogs.Has served me well for a number of dogs.

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    I’m going thru the same thing, my wife wants to name her “bubbles” we’ll see how far that goes. We’ve narrowed it down some just waiting to see the pup before we decide.

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    My lab was named Misty, in the field she was Mit!

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    My best female’s name is Moxie. ‘Mox’ for short. Look up the definition and see if it fits your dogs style.

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    My current lab’s name is Fenwick, Fen for short, I name them after fishing stuff. Next boy will be Pflueger.

    For female lab, I would say Selkie, from Celtic folklore.

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    Buddy of mine named his last female GSP pup, Bena (bee-nuh)Ojibwe for pheasant or partridge. Kinda like it.

    I also like Shilo.

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    i name my dogs call names after places i frequent on the river. i have my next few dogs names already picked out.

    as far as the registered name, i like to reference the sire and dam lines, and use something other then the call name.

    my current BLM
    call name – jackson
    registered name – Blazin’ Rebel General

    blaze and rebel to reference sire and dam lines, and Jackson is a Rebel General from the Civil War. it all fit together nice.

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    My first female dogs name was Lady I thought it was a great name

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    I had a beagle named Radar and her replacement daughter was Fuzz Buster. Also had Kylie and Riley.

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    “Happy” AKC Sires Happy Hooker

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    My American Water Spaniel was Brooke

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    My current labs name is Tori, short for Citori because thats what I shoot.

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    Teal!, it’s a great name for a duck dog.

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    Or white lab is Ruby. Also had Sammy…..

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