soaking fish in water and sea salt?????

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    I usually soak my fish in water and salt before going into the foodsaver bags. This time i tried sea salt and it made a slimy film on the fish….. weird! any thoughts???

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    always rinse before freezing And welcome to IDO

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    When I soak my fish in salt water they are a little slimmy also but usually a good rinsing takes it off. And welcome to IDO.

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    I’ve never soaked my fish in salt water. Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong?

    Once my fish are cleaned and ready to freeze, I put them into a zip lock, fill with water and freeze.

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    The reason to use salt is to create an isotonic solution that removes blood from your fillets.It can also be used prior to cooking.Good luck!

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    Friend told me to soak fillets in 7 Up for 20-30 minutes before frying them. Might have to try it. ??

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    Last time I cooked bluegills I soaked them in beer for 2 hours, then deep fried using frying Magic. Some said the fish was better than the prime rib we also had.

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    Soaking yourself in beer first for a couple hours usually makes most everything taste much better.

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    Welcome to In-Depth Outdoors I-Raiche!!!

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    Why would you put a freshwater fish in sea salt?

    Rinse, pack and freeze. (Get the air out and you will be fine)


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    i used to do this as well….took forever to thaw….i know use the ziplock freezer bags that comes with what looks like a ball pump. it works great. not as great as a foodsaver but alot better than the water technique. if you have a lot of fish you keep, space in my freezer and deepfreeze gets scarce…this has helped tremendously.

    i also salt and water the river fish i keep here.

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