Lakemaster on the iPhone app?

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    Anyone have this app? I cant find it.

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    Navionics has apps for the iPhone and they work great! Not sure about Lakemaster though.

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    well maybe my brother should get this for me?

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    I watched the video of the navionics version on youtube yesterday. Looks pretty cool if you have an iPhone.

    Navionics iPhone App

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    Oh it’s sweet all right it’s like I have my 334 in my hand but I can’t order a pizza with my 334

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    Here are a few shots of Minnetonka to give you an idea of the detail. The farther you zoom in the better the detail depending on the lake. So the zooming feature for the iPhone works really well with this. Normally there would be a red arrow in the location of the boat.

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    I hope it won’t be long before the Navionics app is available for other types of phones. That was awesome.

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    Navionics replied to my email last Fall that they will have an app available for Android sometime this year.

    Hope so!

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    Just need a mounting bracket for my IPhone now.

    Anyone have a heads up on where to get one?

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    Mounting brackets
    They’re the best imo. Ram Mounts

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