3 way ball bearing swivels

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    Would anyone happen to know where I can purchase 3-way ball bearing swivels for walleye rigging ?

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    I’m not sure there is such a thing.

    This is the only type of 3-way swivel I know of.

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    I have to agree with Blue. I never have seen a three way with ball-bearings.

    Welcome to IDA

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    Three way swivels are at any baitshop, wal-mart, gander mt., cabelas, farm & fleet, fleet farm, bass pro shop, etc….

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    I have seen them,but it’s beem many years…..I looked for them a few years ago with no luck.

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    I have attached a bearing swivel to the three way on the very rare occasion it was needed. Give that a shot!

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    Thanks for the replys . I used to buy them back in the mid 1970′s. They were true 3-way ball bearing swivels. Identical to the brass one in Blue Fleck’s post,except they were stainless steel/ball bearing. Expensive even then. I was recently on pool 13 of the Mississippi River with my nephew and he asked me if I knew where to buy them.I hadn’t thought about them in a long time since I don’t fish for walleyes much. Those swivels were really nice. Absolutely no twist.

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    Learn something new everyday, I do not remember those.

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