Mercury 9.9 4-stroke vs. yamaha’s

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    Maybe I had bad information, but I was under the impression that Yamaha and Mercury 9.9 4-strokes are the same, both built by Yamaha. Priced a Mercury today and the dealer told me that this is not correct. He has one on a boat somebody else is buying but doesn’t want the kicker. Has tilt and trim, controls that would set up by my 90’s controls. Wants $1900 and another $150 to install it. What do you think?

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    I just bought a merc 9.9 four stroke at starks last week its a manual long shaft for $1550.00, I wa told the same thing as you,part of both are Merc and part yamaha I have fished with both and like the shifter location better on the yamaha ,but the merc was a lot cheeper

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    The motors below 25 hp come in from over seas. At the factory they install there accessories.

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    I think the heads are the same or at least they were, but now Mercury is making their own. The part I am wondering about is Mercury usuing Yamaha parts in the head?

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    If you are considering 9.9 hp 4-strokes from both, do yourself a favor and look at the T8 from Yamaha – model# T8PLHC. Hands down the best kicker motor on the market. High thrust, electric start, built in Power tilt, forward mounted shift lever, light weight, never needs to be strapped down and a motor that actually idles at its slowest speed.

    Here’s a great site to buy – some of the best pricing out there!


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    Merc and Yamaha share 4 stroke technology. They may have different lower units. AS far as price differnces Mercury and Yamaha are different companies.

    Now for the $64,000 question…Did you know Merc and Mariner are excactly the same except for paint? me a smart [censored]

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    The way I understand it per Tohatsu makes Nissan and Merc under 20 hp

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    I bought a Coleman 9.9 fourstroke and added a high thrust four blade prop. Total cost $880.00 runs great. Mills Fleet Farm.

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    Not bad for a OP post from 2004.

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