wire size for 24 volt trolling motor

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    A friend just purchased a used 17’8″ champion bass boat. it came with a 12 volt T. motor and he is upgrading it to a 24 volt which he has already purchased. It’s presently wired with 10 ga. wire. Is this sufficent or do we need to go to 8 or even 6 gauge?


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    10 guage wire for a 24 volt system is a little light. Your friend will be much happier and his trolling motor will be much happier with 6 guage. With the 6 guage wire the trolling motor will have much, much less resistance running at a high speed at 24 volts. With 8 guage it would still work, but at high speeds, the motor might not be putting out all of the thrust it is capable of because of added electrical resistance. Your friend will also find that there will be less interference with his other electronics with the heavier guage trolling motor wire. Hope this helps.

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    I agree. You need to change the 10 gauge wire out, and if your gonna change it, you might as well go to the 6. I just changed my boat over to a 24v. system, but lucky for me, my Ranger came wired with 6 gauge, so i did’nt have much work to do.

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