Simplicity or Toro Snowblower

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    Well, I thought I would give this a try. It’s kind of like a Ford vs chevy vs Dodge debate but here it goes. I have been looking at new snowblowers and since I want to buy from someone local rather than a big box store my choices seem to be either a Toro or Simplicity. After looking at both machines they seem to have the same features and price. Any opinions?



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    My simplicity has given me two trouble free years so far. Goes through whatever you want it to. It can almost blow snow all the way to the neighbors yards

    8hp. Not sure of the chute size, but its one of the smaller models. Always starts.

    And the best part is that its all metal, no plastic.

    I’ve also heard that many snow blowers now sold at the big box stores come with a chinese motor, and should be avoided at all costs.

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    Simplicity. It’s not even close when compared to a Toro. You won’t regret a Simplicity, every time it snows you’ll be glad you have it.

    Make sure you buy enough horsepower. Generally it costs $150-200 to step up to 2 more HP and it’s well worth it. The only catch being it might require buying the next larger frame size, which if it causes storage issues isn’t worth it. I have never met anyone who regretted buying too much power, but I know several who have traded up after discovering that more is always more. It’s not just a matter of throwing farther, it’s a matter of being able to clear more snow faster which is always a good thing because nobody likes blowing snow all that much.

    Unless you have a townhome with a 10 foot wide, 20 foot long driveway or less, don’t even think about a single stage. Every time you approach that big pile of wet, heavy snow that the plow left, you’ll hear that pile laughing at you and your itty bittly little snow spitter.


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    x 2 We have a 1972 8hp model that still starts on second pull. The machine is older than me

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    Ariens. I bought one four years ago on a recommendation by a snowblower repairman. Rock solid

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    Toro, Simplicity, Ariens are all good. Buy on price and features…and service/sales availability.

    I have a 25 year old 5hp Toro 521 (21″ cut) that has been beat to heck and back. Started on the second pull this year just like the 24 years before.

    I have an Ariens lawn tractor that I use exclusively for snow blowing. In my particular case the Ariens dealers are farther away for times when I need parts. I now buy sheer pins in bulk because it is not if, it is when I will need one again.

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    X2 Ariens

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    I am going with the Toro Snow Commander, it has done everything I asked of it for the last 8 years…

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    My dad has an old Simplicity–probably late ’70s. The thing is a tank. I blew a lot of snow with it growing up, and he still blows a lot of snow with it. Other than some typical repairs on a machine that age, it’s been solid.

    My grandma has an old Toro 521. It’s a solid machine, too.

    I have a 1 year old Ariens. So far, so good.

    So, I don’t think you can go wrong either way. I looked at Toro’s last year when I bought my Ariens. I just didn’t like the plastic chute. At the time, I felt the Ariens was the best combination of a reasonable price yet a very well-built machine. I didn’t look at new Simplicities just because I found what I wanted in the Ariens.

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    I would buy a Honda if I had money to burn. My 13 year old Cub Cadet is healthy as the day I bought it but I dont know if they still make them as good.

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    I would buy a Honda if I had money to burn.

    No doubt, but they are way too expensive for me

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    I would buy a Honda if I had money to burn.

    No doubt, but they are way too expensive for me

    Ditto. When my wife and I were shopping last weekend she said that I could buy 2 Ariens for the price of the Honda. I am pretty sure we will be getting a Ariens this weekend.


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    Weel, Chad, did you make a choice yet?

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