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    Anyone have any tips on a leaky livewell? My port side livewell seems to leak (into the hull then out the bilge). Im not sure if it is simply a bad plug or if it is something more. I wanted to see if anyone had any tips on how to diagnose/repair this. Thanks in advance. The boat is a 2001 triton tr 20 with dual/separate livewells. JJ

    (this is posted in general discussion formula too but thought i would add it here for more exposure- please refrain from smart comments like “buy a … (fill in ranger, champion, stratos, nitro)

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    My first thought would be to replace the drain plug in the livewell to see if that helps. Also calling the dealer and boat manufacturer to see if he has had anyone else complaining of having the same problem over the years. They naturaly come in contact with many boat owners and may have a good solution to the problem that could be an easy fix. Please keep everyone posted on what you find out as there may be others with the same problem also.
    Thanks, Bill

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    Bassbaron, what kind of boat? Look at your hose connections and tighten the hose clamps. Do you have a pump-out system?

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    I have thought more about this- I dont think its the plug since the plug drains out the rear of the boat and this is coming out the side like the bilge. Problem is, the bilge does not automatically kick on at low amounts of water and this drains the water completely from the livewell and manual bilging when it stops does not produce any more water. I am thinking it is one of the clamps or seals as Robby alluded to. Yes- I do have a pumpout but it comes out the other side of my boat. I am wondering if it is the seal around the pumpout or maybe around the plug draining into the hull or another area in the bottom of the boat. Thanks for the tips, keep them coming. I have an email into triton and will call them if no reply in the next couple days. Bill, will post when i figure it out.

    One good thing- the single livewell had 9 bass for 27+ lbs and no immediate mortality (all swam off safely after weigh in) so the livewell and pro air system worked well with a little rejuvinade type stuff. (for those thinking of turning me in- that was for 2 fishermen- 5 for me, 4 for my “co-angler” )

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    If it leaks when the well is full, you may want to check for a gap between the top cap and the live well. Tritons are noted for this. Just go around the rim with silicone. Hope this helps.

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    plug your overflow if you can to see if it is that first

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    now that you mention it, I think I have this same problem

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    A plastic hose that hooked to the pump was leaking on mine, if that’s the problem use a hair dryer to heat the hose and then tighten it, also put a little silicone around the hose where it hooks to the pump and let it set for at least 24 hours.

    If its leaking at the intake, just silicone around it and you should be set to go.


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    Break out the garden hose. Pop the back hatch and you might get lucky and see where the water is comming from.

    From what you are saying it sounds like it’s leaking low in the live well. If so you don’t have to worry about the overflow or seals.

    You should have an pump out and regular drain low. Silicone both of them inside the livewell. Garden hose it again.

    If it leaks plug one of the tubes and try it again. I would do the regular drain first hoping that it is that it was that one. (fewer clamps and connections. If it is the pump out you can get a plug for it till you fix it.

    Hope fixing it is more fun than expected.

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