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Over the past month on the Bay of Green Bay the Walleye fishing has been really weird with most days very few fish being caught with a good day happening here and there. The weather for the past month has been on the cool side and the water is not warming as fast as it has in past years along with an abundance of Alewives that have moved in to the Bay to spawn that have kept the bellies of the walleyes full.

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We have been both casting and trolling for the walleyes with one day having better success casting and another day getting more fish trolling. We have been casting Trigger X Drop dead minnows on 1/8th oz jigs along with casting Storm Smash Shads. Our trolling presentations have been using Rapala Husky Jerks in addition to trolling Storm Smash Shads. Some days fish are being caught in shallow water in depths of 6 to 8 FOW other days fish are coming in deeper water depths from 21 to 23 FOW but over all not many fish being caught.

As far as the Small Mouth bass fishing goes it has been really good with lots of fish being caught along with some nice size fish also. The best action has been coming in water depths from 9 to 14 FOW with soft plastic Trigger X tubes working very well in the colors of Green pumpkin along with peanut butter and jelly being our best. We have been casting the tubes on 1/8th oz VMC tube jigs fishing them slowly on the bottom.

WalleyeIn many areas we are beginning to see weed growth emerging so in these areas we have been casting Storm swim baits along with casting Terminator spinner baits above the weeds and the bass have been smashing those baits hard. When casting swim baits or the spinner baits I always cast them on Sufix 832 Braid with a 6 to 7 foot fluorocarbon leader of 12lb test. The bass are all done spawning and are getting into there summer patterns with some fish moving deeper along with showing up on some of the off shore reefs.

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Paul Delaney

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  1. Man, I hit Sturgeon Bay hard today and didn’t end up with much to show for it. The bass just weren’t very cooperative today. Tubes, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs, you name it. I did pick one up on a crankbait. Just tough, and the wind wasn’t particularly helpful.

    We’ll see what tomorrow and wed bring. The weather might get ugly tomorrow, then they’re saying cold front. Next time I’ll have to bring Koonce with to teach me how to fish.

  2. Well the next two days brought continued struggles, but I did eventually connect with a Wisconsin sea-beast that jumped up from the weeds and whacked a spinnerbait.

    Things I tried that didn’t work: dragging tubes, snapping tubes, jugging grubs, swimming grubs, swimbaits, chatterbaits, mop jigs, deep cranks, square bills, rattletraps, flukes, and probably a few other things. It would’ve been faster to just dump the tackle box overboard.

    The bait shop said to head out into the bay and look deeper, but with the wind I wasn’t sure how the wife would hold up to what was a pretty serious chop. What matters most is that I got the one I came for, 5ish pounds of very teed off brown bass. I’ll be back for his friends some other time.

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