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Walleye Fishing On The Bay Of Green Bay

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Jadins First Walleye

Jadins First Walleye

Well now that the over abundance of Alewives are beginning to die off or disappear here on the Bay of Green Bay the Walleye fishing is beginning to improve on a day to day basis. While the fishing is not really consistent or red hot it is getting better with some nice quality size fish being caught daily. We have been finding success fishing in water depths from 21 to 30 feet of water.

Our approach has been trolling planer boards with crank baits such as Rapala Husky Jerks in the color of Purple descent and Blue Silver along with also catching quality size walleyes on Storm Smash Shads in the color of Wonder bread and Purple and chartreuse. The fish have been moving up and down in the water column through out the day so changing depths with our baits has been important.

CAM01047Our best success has come from water depths from 10 to 15 feet below the surface running both baits 60 to 80 feet behind our planer boards. We also have been catching fish on the Purple UV color Smash Shads at 80 to 90 feet behind the boards. Even though we have been waiting for the bait fish numbers to disappear we have been finding our best success around the piles of bait fish that we can find.

There has been a noticeable north movement with the walleyes in the bay over the past few days with the warmer weather and the south winds blowing the warmer water towards the north so to stay on the fish the past couple of days we have had to make some moves to the north. With so much water to fish you have to be careful not to move to far when looking for fish so if we are not getting bit we make small movements to the north and fish an area for a while and if we catch fish we will stay in that area if we don’t we will begin to take another chunk of water and fish it throughly before moving on. There is still a lot of great summer action for Walleyes here on the Bay of Green Bay Before the Fall season comes upon us.




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Paul Delaney

As owner/operator of Late-Eyes Sport Fishing Guide Service, Capt. Paul Delaney practically lives on the water and ice of Door County, Wis. No matter the season, Paul’s clients pull big fish from the waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. His Full Bio ›


  1. Paul-

    I leave for Sturgeon Bay next Wed, any info you would give me on the walleye would be great. If you where to have a starting point and technique in this area what would it be? Also where are the large mud flats around this area that I’ve heard so much about. My game plan as of know is to hit the reefs around the area with boards, crawler harnesses and cranks. But I would like to troll some early and late on the mudflats for a monster.

    Thanks for any info your willing to share…

  2. Nice stuff Paul, as other bodies of water become difficult to fish, it appears the Bay remains a trollers heaven through August and into the Fall. – QB

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