WX seat post screws

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    Went in for some year end service last week, I treated myself to a couple Wave Pros for my WX2200.
    Seemed like a simple swap out. Not. I’m stuck at getting the screws out of the Skeeter seat base where it screws into the floor. Don’t see any way to get them out. Uses a #30 bit and I tried with an impact driver, won’t budge. Tried using the bit with a 3/8 ratchet and quit when it seemed I was about to snap the screws or strip the heads.
    The only thing I can think of is a stronger impact driver or maybe they used red loctite and it needs to be heated.
    Has anyone else done this?

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    “Went in for some year end service last week, I treated myself to a couple Wave Pros for my WX2200.”

    This indicates a trip to the dealer, did you call and ask them?

    John Peterson
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    I changed out my seat bases in my Skeeter. They did have a some kind of thread lock. I do not remember the color. I was able to remove them by hand.
    Wish I could be of more help!

    Musky Ed
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    Finally got all but two screws out on the passenger base. I’ll keep trying. Took a heat gun, would heat them, let the heat soak and keep doing that till they started to turn. Had to be really carefull with the floor so close to the screw. Plus it starts out so cold in the garage now.

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    I stripped a few screws out replacing a locked up base from my MX1825…it was a pita, but use thread lubricator a day before and a manual screwdriver with all your weight on it and it will back out…

    Musky Ed
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    Thanks, finally got the last two out. No way they were coming out by hand with all that over abundance of red Loctite on the screws. I had been using a impact driver, and a 3/8 ratchet wrench and the last two didn’t want to budge. Finally got one more to loosen. Last ditch effort, borrowed a slightly stronger impact, and even with heating the loctite, it snapped the remaining screw. Drilled that out and made a tool to double up two wood screw inserts and screwed those into the fiberglass deck with lots of epoxy to help set them. Ran an electric space heater on that for two days to make sure the epoxy cured. Then just ran a new bolt in. Also cleaned the origonal bolts of red loctite and used blue this time.

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