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  • Justin riegel
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    Looking to see if anyone is looking to sell a .410 shotgun. The gun would be for my 10 year old daughter and its main use would be for Turkey hunting. if anyone has one let me know otherwise I just might get her the Savage on I have been looking at Cabela’s

    Justin riegel
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    The bird I shot last year with her, and now she wats to pull the trigger.

    Justin riegel
    Posts: 754

    Here is the photo

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    My 2 cents and don’t take it badly, Get her a nice 20 gauge. A 410 is a fairly good squirrel gun. You have to be a dang good shot to hit anything on the fly with one. DK.

    Justin riegel
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    I don’t with her being 65 pounds if she could handle 20 and this will solely be a turkey gun.

    Harris, Somewhere in VNP
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    I wasn’t any more than 65lbs when I started shooting my 870 youth model 20 gauge. I think it would be worth a shot.
    Have you considered a crossbow?
    It would have a longer effective range than a .410 and probably the
    20 gauge in the right hands.

    Hastings, Mn
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    Not sure where you’re from but Hudson Fleet Farm had some. However, finding ammo is an issue. My nephew and son shoot a .410 much better than a 20 gauge. I’d rather have a closer range shot that is accurate due to comfort for the kids. Good luck!

    Mike West
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    Take a peek at
    They have quite a few and many are chanbered for 3″
    Good luck
    There’s also plenty of ammo to look at

    Upper Midwest
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    I used to love blasting away at squirrels with a .410. Just reading that kids are still using this caliber is very nostalgic. Kudos to you for getting young kids outdoors!

    North branch, mn
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    870 youth in 20 gauge would be my first choice. But I seen fleet farm in Cambridge had a .410 a couple days ago.

    Justin riegel
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    Thank you all for the replys – I think I going to snatch up the .410 savage from cabelas. she can use that for Turkey for a couple years and then I can get her a 20. My son will then get use the .410 when he is 8 or 9.

    Sartell, MN.
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    My 2 cents and don’t take it badly, Get her a nice 20 gauge. A 410 is a fairly good squirrel gun. You have to be a dang good shot to hit anything on the fly with one. DK.

    X2 on this. My Daughter was about the same age and size as yours when she started turkey hunting. The 20 gauge worked real well for her. She was a little scared for the 1st few shots but quickly got over it. Have her shoot it with the normal cloths she will wear while turkey hunting. That will add a little additional padding. Finding Ammo for a 410 will be a real issue. You can find 870 Youth 20 gauges rather easy. Or a Youth Browning BPS would also be a great choice.

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    I would start with a 20ga. the last thing you want is a wounded bird getting away as a first impression with the .410ga. As Grubson said, a crossbow if the 20 ga, is to much.

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    My kids moved up from a .410 to a Mossberg 20ga around the age of 8. A good stocked 20 or 12 will sometimes kick less than a hard stock lightweight .410.
    I couldn’t imagine shooting a .410 at a turkey unless it is <15 yards.

    Randy Wieland
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    Justin, no desire to sell my ole 410, but I looked up a few. Honestly for what many guys want used, ild go with the new. Sounds like you have a plan with passing it down. Very well could become that one gun the kids reflect back to as they get older. Get it and have some fun

    Awesome pic btw. Took me almost 20 years back down memory lane with my girls

    Don Meier
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    Absolutely Savage 301 hands down best turkey gun for 200.00 dollars. I have hunted turkeys in 3 states with a 10 ga it it served me well . Not anymore the 301 was designed to shoot TSS . These 301 Savage 410 is a legitimate 40 yd gun with TSS shot . No more heavy recoiling tanks for me !

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    The weight of a .410 and a 20 ga is typically the same across the same models, so don’t let that determine your choice. The youth or bantam models usually have the same length of pull between .410 and 20 ga, so that shouldn’t determine your choice either. The fit of the gun and the weight of the gun will contribute to the felt recoil, that will determine how well a person “handles” the gun. You’ll need to have your young shooter actually hold the gun before you buy it, to be sure it fits, or can be made to fit properly. The 20 ga has far better ammo offerings and availability than the .410, and usually better pricing, so I recommend you do weigh that in your decision.

    With any hunting situation, you have to use the right ammunition. For new shooters especially. If they become recoil-shy, they will tend to shoot poorly and lose interest. But if the loads are not adequate, the shooter may lose confidence and be disappointed.

    I strongly recommend the Mossberg SA-20 Bantam. Best of everything – except availability.

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