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  • aaron
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    Christmas Day Walleye Report – I took my first step onto the lake for the start of the hard water season. Closed out the night with a limit of unders to take home. I fished the Yellow River on a big flat straight across from Camp Kenwood. With the family Christmas going on, I set my flags and went right back up to the house to enjoy a little warmth, food, and drink. Flags started jumping at 4:30 and were done by 5pm. Got three eaters and missed a few others. 3 inches of good ice and 2 iches of not so good ice on top. ATV travel should be OK in the bays this weekend. Little to no snow cover on the lake. There is a big mess on the small lake right now with the Big Lake ice pushing in under the bridge on X. Not SAFE! There are a number of pressure ridges to look out for all over the lake. Keep bringing the cold and you should be able to get around the lake just fine in a few days.

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    Great to hear! Thanks for the report

    Scanlon, MN
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    Any current information on ice conditions? My daughter lives in Lake Hallie and planning to visit and would like to try some “southern” waters.

    John Shear
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    9″ where I was on the small lake, but as usual on a river system it varies quite a bit depending where you go. I wouldn’t recommend driving on it. A truck went through the ice this weekend by the State Park landing. Be careful out there!!

    John S.

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