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  • Justin riegel
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    Me and my wife and 2 other couples are looking to do a trip over Presidents day weekend. We have done Red, Lotw, and Bitter in the past and looking for something new. I am looking at Lake Bemidji, Cass, Winnie, or Lac Que Parle.

    Any suggestions for places to stay at this lakes. Any suggestions on lakes i should look into? I want to keep it to MN. Thanks for your help.

    North branch, mn
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    Lac que parle is always great.
    Big monster pike and some huge crappies like these ones sitting on my case of beer. Never targeted walleye because the panfishing is great and same with pike

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    Dusty Gesinger
    Minnetrista, Minnesota
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    I think winnie or osakis or big stone could be a good trip.

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    Big Stone has been slow the last 3-4 years in mid Feb plus it’s mostly a daytime bite, not trying to discourage you but just giving an idea of what to expect. Are you looking to rent houses or bringing your own?

    Jake D
    Watertown, SD
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    Id drive the extra 30 miles and get on some true jumbos in SD before I went to Big Stone

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    Id drive the extra 30 miles and get on some true jumbos in SD before I went to Big Stone

    This too. Hard to find perch over 11″ out there, regardless of what you hear. Granted, they’re healthy and you get a nice filet of them but they are not the “jumbos” that most think of.

    SW Metro
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    Depends a lot on what your looking for out of the trip, certain species of fish, restaurants nearby for dinner/drinks, renting houses or bringing your own etc.?

    Nathan Bayerl
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    I would give Bemidji a try. If the wives get board they can go into town and do some shopping, there are restaurants around if you want to get out of the house for awhile. I have stayed with North Country guide service and Bill Lundy and they were both top notch.

    Farmington, Outing
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    3 couples?
    The Pond.
    You can find the nicest fish houses, bars, casino, elegant dining, Oh and the fishing is good.

    Blackduck, MN / Minneapolis, MN
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    Not sure if you have looked into it, but Leech Lake can be a ton of fun in the winter for walleyes, crappies, northerns… Just about anything. Lots of good, fun lodging options around Walker, as well. Might be worth a look.

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