What do you legally have to have as an emergency kit in WI, MN and CA?

  • jerrj01
    Hudson, WI
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    I know in Canada you are supposed to have an emergency kit containing a whistle, rope and?

    For the 3 I mentioned what are the requirements? I’d like to make sure I’m legal in all 3.

    NW Ontario
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    In Canada 50 ‘ of floating rope
    anchor or paddle
    sound signalling device (whistle)
    life jacket of appropriate size for each person on board
    (not a cushion)
    Waterproof flashlight
    bailing can
    5 BC fire extinguisher if your boat has an inboard tank

    Cottage Grove MN
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    Cabelas has a kit they sell which has everything you need. Look up fox 40 international saftey kit. (Classic kit) not the basic you need signal mirror

    If you are going to fish the Great Lakes you will have to buy flairs also. They have what you need listed in the regulation book for Great Lakes

    Randy Wieland
    Lebanon. WI
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    Just a suggestion. When you put a kit together for destination fishing, consider a higher end medical kit also. IT’S one of those items you spend money on that you hope you never use. Over the years, I’ve encountered a few situations were we were stranded miles away from our cabin or camp and guy with me slit his hand open pretty bad. Those cheap walmart first aid kits don’t contain very much more than small band aids. I pack a TMS Outdoors Trauma kithe all the time

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