New high water record may be set on wapsi

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    Just watched the local news and it dosen’t look good for the Wapsi river bottom around Anamosa. The present record heigth is 23′ set 4 years ago. The new expected heigth is forcast to go to 24′. Everybody that knows the road that goes over the wapsi just upriver from the dam and then goes into town is just inches from crossing the road and thier sandbaging that right now. The water treatment plant thats just down river from the dam may get flooded if they don’t sandbag the concrete wall with a 6′ high sandbag wall that would wrap around the front end of the plant. If you had to find the dam you couldn’t as the waters 4′ to 6′ over the top of it. The park down river is all under water and theres 6′ of water over the road that runs along the Wapsi. Look out Herb because its all coming your way.

    My friend Dave called me yesterday and the Volga came up so fast a few nights ago that he couldn’t get my boat and tractor from off his bottom ground and water covered the tractor and the bottom of the wheels were 6′ above normal stage. My jon boat was tied to a tree and it had 5′ of water below it. He said it was also just inches short of the flood that wiped out a couple towns in 93. The next farm up river from him (had) an 8′ dyke and a quarter mile long that was made by pushing the sand out of thier field with a dozer in the 93 flood, its gone again, no dyke at all. It took alot of trees along the river and theres now quite a few in the middle of it. Just down river from his place the river almost cut a new channel by taking off the top of the ground in front of it, Dave thought if the water would have stayed high for another 24 hrs it would have cut a new channel. The main road going into the town of Volga was impassable and had road signs on it. The river came up that height and fell all within 36 hrs when they had those rains a few days ago, he said locally they got 5″ all at once.

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