Anyboby on this site fish this lake???

  • catcupl
    New Richmond, WI
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    I have been watching this forum for about 2 months and have not seen any activity on it. Just wondering if any regulars on this site fish this lake?

    I was just there this past Sunday evening and caught a 16.5″ smallie. Wasn’t aware that there were any in there.

    Just looking to trade some info or hear some reports if there are any out there?


    South St. Paul, Mn
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    I used to in the past. We always caught a few smallies while fishing for largemouth in the spring. Overall a great lake for all species. Don’t count out the white bass out there either. Watch for them surfacing in the early morning on one of the many reefs.

    Somerset, Wisconsin
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    Sunkin islands are key…weed edges of them or around the island on the north side. The flat is located on the southern side of the island very good for gills crappies bass and eyes. I don’t get out there much but just moved back into the area not long ago so we’ll see!! goodluck

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