took the kids wally fishing on Wapo Sun eve….

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    Well I have finally seen that walleye can be caught in Lake Wapo. We were using leeches and jig heads on a slip bobber rig 1 foot off the bottom in the 13 ft are south of the little island. My Youngest boy was fortunate enough to catch 2 very nice size eyes in an hour period. It was a short trip but at least we caught fish. I have had a lot of luck using the Munchies brand tube worm on a glow jig. Murdered the eyes in Backus, MN in June with it!

    Later all, I think i am going out again tonight after work.


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    Good to hear the fisherman did ok on Sunday. I was one of many out there making waves pulling my kids around on a tube. I felt bad for all the fisherman and tried to be as courteous as possible. Its hard though with young kids not to be making those giant rollers from going half speed!!

    Amery, WI
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    Im use to it on Wapo, kinda why I waited until 7pm to get out there on Sunday. After 8 we were one of 3-4 boats on the lake. It was actually very peacful. My kids want me to pull them around in a tube but so far I havent given in. Would hate to have something bad happen to them if I goofed up or something. My baot is sacred….for pulling fish around only! Lol!
    If you see a Blue Smokercraft Fazer out there with a Big Blue Bimini on it….Its me!


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