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    We missed fishing Upper Red lake this spring so my wife and I headed up Tuesday with our english setter to get away.

    1. Fish are scattered but a limit possible, #5 crank baits a good choice in 7-9 fow
    2. Late afternoon/evening better. We got 3 Friday am doing the same thing/place where we got 10 the evening before
    3. Fish under 17″ somewhat hard to come by.
    4. WATER IS LOW. Call ur resort if you have a bunk trailer for loading & channel egress issues. Public launch at Tamarack is good.
    5. Watch wind forecast, we got blown out on Tuesday and Wednesday
    6. Grouse hunting decent but getting a lot of road traffic. There are many more trails than you’d think driving up Hwy 72
    7. Locals are not wearing masks in the restaurants, some staff are and some not. Do take out or bring your own food
    8. Some resorts have fall discounted rates
    9. Don’t watch a debate. Neither party is very impressive.
    10. We had a trailer tire blow out. My dealer said we could get by on one tire if we had another problem. UGH

    Learned alot. We’ll likely do it again next year. good luck

    Cannon Falls, MN
    Posts: 534

    PS . A local weather forecast with anything over 10 mph out of the west is suspect. Rough going and with low water you have to worry about channel egress

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    as far as #7 goes, I doubt anyone up there has covid. if anyone should be wearing masks, it should be the tourists bringing it there. fall and summer are usually the slow time out on UPRL so if you did well that is good news! that lake spoiled me for life and its been probably 10 years since I fished it. only place in the US where you can catch 100 eyes in one day that I know of.

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    10. Assuming you have a duel axle trailer? What’s get by? As in limp to a shop yes. Driving all the way home yeah I wouldn’t do it as that is what a spare is for.

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    Rule number 1 on a road trip is bring a spare

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