Upper Red Fall Fishing

  • happycampin
    New Richmond, WI
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    So it feels almost impossible to find much information regarding fall fishing on Upper Red. With it being so good early ice why is it not more of a known fall destination? My job has been insane since COVID hit and now I have vacation time to burn up before I loose it! Any advice or tips would be very much appreciated. Thanks!


    Justin riegel
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    I have never fished it in the fall, but my two guesses would be this. *Disclaimer, they are just guesses.*

    1. More than likely the lake gets turned up regularly by fall NW winds, making it a. really unenjoyable to fish and b. Red is so shallow when it blows real hard the fishing gets tough.

    2. It is really good fishing and just no one talks about.

    3. Mix of 1 and 2, it can be really good if the cooperates, but it rarely does in the fall making it hard place to plan a trip to.

    Charlie W
    TRF / Pool 3 / Grand Rapids, MN / SJU
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    When I fish in the fall, I’m typically targeting big fish. Red lake doesn’t offer that for the most part. I know others that stay away from it in the fall for the same reason. I also know plenty that go there in the fall and do very well.

    tim hurley
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    Probably could however get big pike

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    I was up there for three days this past weekend. Saturday and Sunday were really tough fishing. Just got a few here and there. Tried several techniques, depths, and areas. Monday the bite turned on a bit. It was a pretty steady bite. My son managed to hit a big pike too.

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