soldUlterra 80lb 24v 60” Ipilot Link – $1,500

  • Ryan Speers
    Waconia, MN
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    2018 model which had the updated technology for gps. Been a great unit, had to move to an ultrex to be able to attach all the additional fishing toys I have!

    80lb 24v 60” Ipilot link, comes with foot pedal, remote, gps puck, remote charging cord and an ethernet cable. The ethernet cable is either 20’ or 30’, can’t remember right now.


    1. 7EC15162-774D-4BCC-99F4-8C9ADA903EFD-scaled.jpeg

    2. 25CC7EA0-D556-4FFE-AE7A-F3EB11486A1C-scaled.jpeg

    3. 0DFFACA8-43E9-4123-81B2-4CA8A3350C75-scaled.jpeg

    4. CB964D85-2450-4DE9-B698-F32BB8A27CEE-scaled.jpeg

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    If you will hold it for me until this weekend I will come get it. I am located by Sioux Falls and can’t make it there until the weekend.

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