Talked to Cookie today!

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    Thought this deserved a new thread. I’ve rented houses from Cookie now and again. So he had my number in his phone. He accidentally dialed me up yesterday but I didn’t see he missed call until today. So I called him back to see what was up and he explained to me he meant to dial someone else. We chatted for about ten minutes. He says he is back to good health basically and back to work at the golf course and fishing. He has some short term memory loss but joked that it could be a old age problem rather than the severe concussion he suffered. I know the feeling Cookie!

    He says the water level is high at the lake and fishing has been good. Anyway it was great talking to you Cookie and even better to hear you sounding so well it made my day! Take care of yourself and that grand old lake sir and we will talk again when old man winter once again descends upon us which it will sooner than we think!

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