Smallies got the bends.

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    Had some time for a floor to dry, hit up one of my fall river bends from shore and was reluctant with these water temps that the smallies would be stacked up yet as they do in cold water. Its farther south in the system where average depth is much greater than those waters north.

    After my goto ringworm, then ripple minnow, they decided a blue jighead with blue fleck pearl paddle tail from DH tackle was the ticket. Tough to find quality fish in the pool above SAF but they sure do stack up come cold water. Got a dozen or so 16-19″. Also got a couple on rigged nightcrawlers.

    Saw a couple boats out not getting much of nothing. Current comes key and the typical bridge pilings and riprap won’t hold as many fish come this time of year. The fish aren’t looking to hide from the current since its barely there, so find the front of holes associated with current, this particular spot has gravel rock mix closer to shore they hang on the front part of the lip and cruise around. When the river conveyor belt of food doesn’t go as fast to bring the food, they travel a bit more scouting it out and find structure that fits that scenario I’ve found.

    Didn’t feel like taking pics so have to take my word ;)

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