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  • Weekender
    Southcentral MN
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    I have IDO bookmarked on my phone and when I visit the site, most of the forums are highlighted as having topics not read. I’ve tried the “mark all as read”, but whenever I re-visit the site, all the same forums are highlighted again.

    Is there a way I can mark all the forums as being all read so that the next time I visit the site, only those forums with new posts/threads (since my last visit) are the only forums highlighted?

    Blaine, MN
    Posts: 5430

    Try mark all as read, then log out, and then logging back in.
    That may help.

    Southcentral MN
    Posts: 434

    Tried it, then tried it again with re-starting my phone & logging back in, but no luck. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    cold spring mn
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    Just for kicks I tried this. Pretty certain you have to go to each forum or category and mark as all read. It worked for me.

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
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    I’m on a laptop (cell phones might be different) but going to the

    FISHING FORUMS<< there is a check mark next to the red FISHING FORUMS

    This will at least for me, mark all posts as read.

    With all the different platforms and browsers, it’s a bear to make everything work.

    If the above doesn’t work. Try it on your laptop/desktop…then log in on your cell phone.

    Again, it’s working for me on a PC using Chrome.

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