Shuttle and Battery for Helix 7

  • crossin_eyes
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    Hi All. I have a couple GN4 Helix 7s that I take off my boat every year. I want to put one on a shuttle for ice fishing this year.
    Looking for recommendations. Can I buy a shuttle, battery and ice-ducer?


    Matthew Sandys
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    I put mine on a Marcum shuttle. I would not do that again. They come with a laptop battery that does not last long. I wish it did as they are a great setup. I like the rod holders and the LED light is great at night.

    I would do a Genz pack and lithium battery. Cheap and simple. Your Gimble mount can screw right into the plastic.

    Others like Bass Khang make nice stuff as well.

    Kirk Charipar
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    Go with the HB Ice kit. Comes with the transducer, but not a battery. I did this 3/4 years ago. Price has gone up since, and were hard to find in-store, but found this website

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    Look up Eric Sime outdoors on facebook. He makes shuttles based around the unit. They look great and work great!

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    I made one a handful of years ago out of wood and bought a trophy angler shuttle bag for it and it still works fine. I went with a 12 amp hr amped outdoors battery for mine. If you search “LET’S SEE YOUR DIY HELIX SHUTTLE!!!” there are a lot of good ideas for DIY builds. Best of luck.

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    I just put my Helix 7 on a vexilar shuttle, and it works ok. You have to get a couple of rubber washers to hold it in place (tilted) but nice since you don’t need the mounting bracket like you would on the Genz pack. Used a 15Ah Amped battery found on Black Friday sale thanks to the posters on this site. Vexilar has 2 shuttles available for about $35 to $50. Head unit to big and won’t fit in a 5 gallon bucket so you will need to purchase their soft pack if you want to protect it more than the screen cover.

    Lakeville, MN
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    Thanks to all for the input!

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    BK has some badass units! I am just waiting for them to be in stock and it sounds like the end of the month they will be fully back in stock.

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    If I were going to put my Helix on something it would be

    The Bass Khang Power shuttle

    These where at the ice show and look great. My buddy bought one last year from the show and loves it.

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    Used a 15Ah Amped battery found on Black Friday sale thanks to the posters on this site.

    You’re welcome waytogo killer deal.

    I just put my lx-6s on a bk shuttle with one of those 15ah batteries. Its a slick setup.

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