Shore Muskie Fishing Near Portage, WI

  • Collin Rayome
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    I moved to the Portage area a couple of years ago and recently bought a muskie setup. I do not have access to a boat, so I am looking for some spots that I can try from shore.

    I appreciate any insight!

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    Silver lake right in town.If you want to make a little drive go up to Mauston and fish below the Castle Rock dam.

    Michael C. Winther
    Reedsburg, WI
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    Silver Lake in town, as mentioned. There’s shoreline access with a little room to roam at the public beach.

    Swan Lake just east of town is also a possibility. The road-based access points are more limited, but there is State Natural Area land that connects to the shoreline where you could hike in.

    The Wisconsin River holds muskies right in town. The shoreline on Conant St. from Paquette Park through the Sunset Park landing is very easy to access. And west of town on the south side of the river Levee Rd through the Pine Island Wildlife Area offers literally miles of access.

    Collin Rayome
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    Thank you both. I knew there were muskies in those two lakes, but was not sure on shore access.

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