Rubber hunting boot recommendation

  • suzuki
    Woodbury, Mn
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    Too many choices. I’m looking to buy a pair as a Christmas gift. Light insulated but not ice fishing weight. What do you recommend?

    Dave maze
    Posts: 868

    X2. My lacrosse alphaburlys only last 3 years before cracking. I’d like to find a better option.

    North branch, mn
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    I like my alphaburlys but I bought the kid some bogs and they are better fitting and more comfortable. I steal his if he isn’t wearing them.
    I think rubber boots just crack if you use them. I’ve had 10 different brands and anything from mucks, to lacrosse, to many others. They all crack after a couple years of heavy use.

    Mookie Blaylock
    Wright County, MN
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    I have got some pretty heavy usage out of my LaCrosse Aero’s.
    When the time comes to replace I’ll buy them again.

    Posts: 4769

    I like my lacrosse alphaburlys but they are definetly not light. The muck chore boots are shorter and lighter if your looking for a slip on type

    SW Metro
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    I don’t wear them often, but love my Irish setters from Red Wing Boots. They have great ankle support and super comfortable for walking.

    Posts: 782

    Mid height Muck chore boots at Costco for $70.

    Posts: 124

    Mid height Muck chore boots at Costco for $70.

    Was looking at these as well. How have they held up?

    Jeff mattingly
    Lonsdale, Mn
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    my wife and I both have TideWe boots and have been happy for the price point. found on Amazon. look up Tidewe hunting boots

    John VanDerLaan
    Posts: 0

    I love my Muck boots, but I am not sure that the quality of the boots is the same as it once was. I bought some Tidewe rubber boots last season, and I am very happy with them. Good rubber boots for a really good price.

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