Resort for Lakers

  • tim hurley
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    Not a big fan of sitting in a shack, but would do it for a few lakers and/or whitefish, even just a couple of small ones. Anyone know a resort in Minnesota where this could happen, or do I have to go to Canada? Not trying to figure this out for this year, would probably happen next.

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    Check out Snowbank Lodge by Ely. Snowbank Lake offers pretty solid Laker action in the winter time and the owners at Snowbank Lodge are very friendly. Another great option would be Timber Trail Lodge by Ely, which is in close proximity to both Burntside Lake and Snowbank Lake.

    Farmington, MN
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    Sound like I might have to plan a trip to Ely for next year. What is the average size around that area?

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    The average size that we catch on both Burntside and Snowbank is around 22″ I’d say.

    Reef W
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    Burntside is really close to Ely so you can just stay anywhere, and will have some roads plowed off the public accesses. You can’t get everywhere but you can get out somewhere to give it a shot. Snowbank is really out in the middle of nowhere and the only time I looked at in Winter it didn’t look like a great idea to drive truck on, not sure what is normal there.

    I haven’t caught one yet, last year was first time I tried, but I definitely saw some chasing my jig on burntside and was really close to the access.

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