Replacing Braid on Jigging Rods?

  • bigstorm
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    How often do people replace the braided line on jigging rods? I replace the 3lb mono on my panfish rods and the 6lb or 8lb mono leader on my tips and jig rods every season, but can honestly say I havent changed the braid in…. ever. The oldest braid on a jigging rod is probably 8yrs old, 8lb braid. I do the old strength test by pulling on each end of an 18in section of the braid and call it good.

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    I’m the same way as you.

    AK Guy
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    Same here.

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    Just reel it backwards onto another reel exposing the fresh line that’s never been used

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    PmB – That is what I do also.

    Lil'Can, MN
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    Those braid fibers probably have over 20 yrs shelf life.

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    I have braid rods that I use on lakes in the summer and I get at least 4 or 5 years out of by doing what PmB explains. Then my river beater rods that I fish around a lot of rocks and timber and loose a lot of jigs I maybe get 2 or 3 years out of even with flipping the braid as I just go thru line a lot faster due to loosing jigs and retying a lot more.

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    I am similar to others here, I give it 3-4 years, then reel it backwards onto another reel and get another 3-4 years out of it.

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    I pull off 40ft of line and cut it. I don’t fish deeper then 30ft so the extra 10ft of cut off is any possible ice build up that may have frayed the line. I run a mono backing on my reels to prevent line slipping on the spools a 150yds of braid goes a long ways on my ice reels.

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