Question for duck hunters

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    Looking at buying present for someone and wondering if any one using the decoys that splash in their decoy spread. If so which ones are preferred. Thanks in advance.

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    I like running a jerk rig. I made my own but they sell them with a collapsible umbrella anchor. I had used the vibrating duck butt before but it eventually leaked.

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    I wouldn’t waste my $ on a splashing decoy. Your better off with robo style decoys or a simple jerkline.

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    Have you seen the ones that the wings flap with the wind? There’s no battery and I think it’s a more natural look being a slower motion. I don’t recall what the name of them are.

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    I haven’t duck hunted in years now, but the last couple seasons I was going I had just started using the robo wing decoy and the also the wind wing decoy. At the time they didn’t allow the use of a robo one the first week of the season, so I used the wind one. The issue is if there is no or not enough wind, it doesn’t spin.

    Check the regs, I don’t know what the rules are now. If they allow the robo one, I’d use that. The flash of those wings with some movement really seemed to draw birds in from distance.

    Graham Redshaw
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    My buddy has the higdon pulsars. We don’t use them much but when it’s flat calm they seem to work fine. That being said, a jerk rig or two would be just as effective.

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    I have the lucky duck agitators and like them. Very nice on calm days and I use them even when it is windy. Ducks splash a lot on water and a passing flock can see that from a long ways off.

    Hidgeon pulsator is the same thing but I have no experience with them.

    I don’t use a spinner over water unless I am hunting teal or on opening weekend. Other than that they seem to hurt more than they help. Dry field hunting I’ll put out as many spinners as the hunting group owns.

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    I would get them a battery-powered spinning wing decoy. I have two Lucky Duck ones that have lasted over 10 years. The ducks can see the spinning wings from way, way farther away than they can see ripples on the water.
    In MN you can use battery powered spinning wing decoys all season now even on WMAs. Interesting what the DNR allows now when license sales are hurting.

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    Thanks for all your information. Will go a different route. Ido comes through again.

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