Propane tank warmers

  • matthewkolden
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    I watched a brad hawthorne video about how he has his wheelhouse setup and one of the things he pointed out was propane tank warmers. He mentioned it helps keep the propane flowing better as well as keeping the regulator warm.

    Does anyone here use them? When i had my old wheelhouse i never had tank warmers, and never had a regulator freeze up, but i can see the point. They aren’t cheap though. At least not the ones im seeing online.

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    Why wouldn’t an electric blanket work? If it did short out from snow/ice a generator doesn’t have enough amperage to hurt anything would it? A magnetic car starter is a maybe too. I’ve had a trip ruined up to red Lake one time with a frozen propane system that forced us to come home early, not fun. I’ve been giving these electric Heater some serious thought also. There are some out there that aren’t super expensive. I’ve always been more afraid of any sort of a little leak from the propane hitting that electricity, more than any other issue.

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    We use them at work. The heaters run efficiently and you get every last drop of propane out of the tank.

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    I started using them all the time after a few issues on long trips. Nothing worse than the wife hitting you in your sleep saying she’s cold.

    I bought the tank warmers from Milaca Unclaimed Freight. They were by far the cheapest. I just use one and switch when needed. I also use a cheap heating pad meant for your back and wrap it around the regulator. Then I bank the poop out of the propane cover with snow. Definitely helps.

    Other big positive is you will end up with a completely empty propane tank. Also my dometic heater seems to blow hotter air. Probably getting better flow out of the propane.

    John Rasmussen
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    We use them at work. The heaters run efficiently and you get every last drop of propane out of the tank.

    I run a single tank heater from Unclaimed Freight they run $80.00 a piece I found you really only need one I put a moving blanket over both tanks and regulator, the one heater will keep it all warm enough to get all the juice out of the tanks.

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    Keep a tank in the fish house in a cabinet and draw from that tank, no need to buy a special blanket to heat a tank outdoors when you are heating the inside of your house already.

    For those of you who dont like the concept I want you to consider how many feet of copper or rubber hose are actually in your walls and how many flare and barb/crimp connectors are used also.

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    I don’t use them on my wheelhouse. But I do have a magnetic oil pan heater in case of emergency.

    If it’s gonna be really cold over night I’ll wrap and tape some of those big hand warmers and a small towel around my regulator over night.

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    When I was checking the reviews on Unclaimed freight heater blankets a guy rated them one star because it, “ it wouldn’t even keep my tanks flowing at 40 degrees.” WTF? Sure are some weird people out there.

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    This site is real weird today. Not just me is it?

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    Those blankets I’m sure have a thermal switch that won’t allow them to get to warm. As far as not working in 40 degrees, never would even try to use them above freezing.IMO

    Aaron Mcgills
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    If you are on Facebook, look up Ed Fore, he also sells on marketplace and in some groups. He makes custom tank warmers that slide over your hard tank cover. Plug into the generator and your set. Worth the price IMO, think I paid $120 a couple years ago. Has held up without any issue.30 seconds on and off and keeps them nice and warm. Put them on every trip, regardless of weather.

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    Why don’t the fish house manufacturers put an open/close vent from the inside to the propane tanks. Just need to cover the tanks with a blanket.

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